雪燕(XUE YAN) Gum Tragacanth(Myanmar缅甸拉丝)


For the precious plant wood pulp secretions, is a new type of nourishing products. Because after the bubble crystal clear and bird’s nest more like, so named Xueyan. The body has a variety of precious nutrition, with moisturizing, reducing fat Runchang, improve the body’s immune regulation, enhance children’s brain development, inhibit the growth and metastasis of cancer, regulate the growth of human collagen, so that the skin Fullness, tight and flexible and other effects. Effective, sought after by the production of scarce, expensive
India has a history of edible snow swine has been more than 1,000 years, the local people Bashan wading picking wild xue yan, sacrifice to the palace aristocratic food, with open water after the addition of Cordyceps, fish and other stew, pregnant women and children are also tonic, also Without any discomfort.
A hundred years of edible history, proved Xueyan is safe and healthy precious. Indian people think that eating snow swine on the brain, heart, kidney and blood vessels benefit, is blindly valuable medicine.
Once the local people to find xue Yan tree, to build a wooden frame to protect them, as life is also important property, and even family moved to live around the tree. By constantly cut the trunk, continue to produce plastic, trunk called octopus shape, and by the local people to become “xue Yan mother.

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The application of xue yan
xue yan as a precious tonic, and bird’s nest, Cordyceps, fish glue, etc. become a high consumer crowd tonic to share
xue yan contains anti-cancer substances, so that scientists in the study of cancer treatment to get a new inspiration
Xue yan has improved the role of type 2 diabetes, pharmaceutical companies for the production of diabetes drugs
xue yan’s recipe
1. Sugar Sweater: 3g per person snow swallow, soak for 6 hours after boiling water into the stew pot, add pure water to no food, small fire slow stew for 20 minutes, add yellow rock sugar can be eaten.
2. Milk stew Xueyan: 3g per person xue yan, soak for 6 hours after boiling into the stew pot, add pure milk to no food, small fire slow stew for 20 minutes, add yellow rock sugar can be eaten.
2. xue Yan papaya cup: 3g per person xue yan, soaked in water after 6 hours into the stew pot, add water without food, small fire simmered for 20 minutes after the reserve. Stew at the same time, take a papaya, vertical cut to one-third, with a spoon to wash the flesh washed to do the cup. Will be swallowed into a papaya small fire and then simmer for 10 minutes after adding yellow rock sugar can be eaten.
xue yan’s recipe
Note: Xue yan stew for 30 minutes or more, it is possible to melt with water, although the nutrition is still, but the appearance of the impact. It is recommended to cook for 20 minutes

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