柠檬干片Dried Lemon Slice 100g



The role and efficacy of lemon slices: lemon contains sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B1, B2, C and other nutrients, in addition, there are abundant citric acid and flavonoids, volatile oil, hesperidin and so on.


Citric acid has the effect of preventing and eliminating skin pigmentation. Chinese traditional medicine believes that lemon is warm, bitter, non-toxic, has the functions of diuresis, relieving heat, relieving fetus, stagnation, stomach, pain, and other functional diuretics, and adjusts the permeability of blood vessels, suitable for edema. Smokers should eat more lemons because they need twice as much vitamin C as non-smokers. Lemon is low in calories and has strong contractility, so it is beneficial to reduce fat and is a good medicine for weight loss. Lemon can prevent cardiovascular arteriosclerosis and reduce blood viscosity


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